Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week 12 post

The readings this week can best be summarized in my opinion in  4 principles given by  can be Grover and Pea. These  guidelines allow students to broaden their horizon especially in the science fields. This added knowledge opens up the door for future government contracts, work in the private sector and opportunities to enter a salary job.  These skills also are so important to the way a child develops that they have to be  instituted .
1. Computing is a creative human activity. This one is elf explanatory but helps to emphasize how basic this skill is and sadly many are not even proficient in it.
2. Abstraction reduces information and detail to focus on concepts relevant to understanding problem solving. We deal with this every day from test to essay to reports. The sooner this skill is mastered the  better off test scores from unit test to the SAT and ACT will be for them,
3. Data And Information facilitate the creation of knowledge. In research fields such  as science and math we are so data driven. This skill allows you to  pick out the meaning less data and focus on the meat of the text .

4. Digital devices, systems, and the networks that interconnect
them enable and foster computational approaches to
solving problems. The United states has made a huge push to becoming a technical giant in the next 20 years . This base allows us to bring overseas tech and computing jobs back home and placed in sites such as Silicon Valley in California and other technological centers.



  1. Thank you for succinctly summing this up. I was getting lost in the articles by the time I finished the second one, and these 4 points help my understanding. I especially like your definition of abstraction: reducing information and detail to focus on concepts relevant to understanding problem solving. So many students, especially in math, try to memorize/ "plug-n-chug." Understanding the theory and reasoning behind the problem and solution is critical to future success, and I guess CT can help with this.

  2. I agree that students need more exposure to other types of problem solving that do not involve procedures. I think that CT is almost a form of logic, which is related to math but in a way that few students realize.