Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 7 readings

Both readings this week in my opinon seemed like lab manuals. In both of the readings students use models such as white boards and  diagramns to reinforce the content learned. This is quite helpful for students struggiling in theese areas.  Sampson drives home the imporatnce of an argument based learning and non biased peer review. I've often heard the best way to really test if you have learned or amstered a concept is through teaching it to someone. I really enjoyed the fact that he states the importance of receiving constructive critisim after the first review . Students need to be able to improve and professors need to be able to see imporvement during this period. Raiser and others furthured this knowledge through practical application. In three diagramns studnets through equal participation showed that notonly their knowledge imporved but how they articualted it and presented it through  extensive peer review and seminar .  In conclusion theese readings gave a lot of light to the imporatnce of peer review and the good that can really come from it.

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